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Here are all of the episodes of the Radio Bambu Mix Show that I've put out so far!
This list will be updated as new episodes are archived.

The first episode is a mix of different types of funky 60's and 70's music from Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.

The second episode of the radio show is all Jamaican sounds, culling from 70's reggae and dub studio wizardry to inspire I-man to do good in your neighborwood and select only the most magnificent sound and riddim fi dem dance.

RADIO BAMBU EPISODE 3: Way Of The Elephant:
The third episode is a trip through heavy rock obscurities from different parts of the world.



Maw- - Deis EP
Maw panda


1. Second Initiation(Intro)
2. The Two Sisters
3. On Divinity
4. Hachio vs. Myria
5. Goddess Becoming

Get it HERE:


The birth of a goddess.

The life of a goddess.

Goddesses can't die.


Hope y'all get time to check this one out! 

...and if you like this one even a little bit, you're REALLY gonna like the full-lenght album the label Cold Busted put out earlier this year:

Maw ・パンダ

New beginnings.
Maw panda

I finally bothered to clean this place up.
It had become quite messy.
And I don't know what anyone would want with all of those old posts of times gone by,
as precious as the moments they chronicled were
so I put them all in the waste basket and sent it up the river styx.
It's much better now!
All of this free space and room to think up better things to say!
So fortuitous!

Today I'm writing to tell you that I want to keep writing and telling you
about my music and my life.
I used to do that a lot.
But I'm so scatterbrained and everything that I do is in constant flux
so I always end up scrapping every journal.
But recently I've been having some difficulty expressing myself musically
and I've had some doubts about my physical well-being for a while now
so I thought that by having more channels to give some things to you,
be it music or poetry or just some writing,
I might start to feel better.

I also have begun to give less of a shit about the tiny attention span that everyone has
which makes releasing music and keeping up whatever online presence people think is normal these days
an ordeal of a magnitude I just can't handle in my current state.
Maybe my exhaustion is a reminder of how unnatural our current flow of agency is.
It's actually why Leave The Flow is called Leave The Flow.
(You should get it on vinyl!)

I used to let an ADHD climate of content debilitate me before
but I don't want to do that anymore.
I won't jump through hoops to build a profile based on abritrary numbers
because doing that will just eat your soul.
If someone doesn't take me seriously
because I don't have enough clicks or plays or likes
then he/she is not to be taken seriously.

The new album speaks for itself:

It's been so long since I've been blogging about anything that I'll just stop here.
I'll do my best to make a post or two happen every week.
Love, peace and fried foods.


Maw panda
Oh I so didn't want it to happen but cats were sleeping too much!

So here's my page, please go like it and do whatever y'all do on facebook:

As a compensation of faltering to side with the social media behemoth for exposure, I'll do good on my promise to start blogging again!
I'll make this one a special post with a less than special outtake from the Myria EP. Here you go:

It's not exactly finished so please excuse the abrupt ending and the general shoddyness.

Look for a post or two every week from now on!

With all kinds of bonus beats and announcements and writings on music!

And some poetry too!

Much love, big peace and large power.


Maw- - Second Homilies Of The Panda Tao
Maw panda

I'm ecstatic to tell you that after some waiting, fine-tuning and tinkering my new full-lenght album Second Homilies Of The Panda Tao is now officially out!

1. Kyorei (Intro)
2. Kakusei / Homilies Theme
3. Jitsurei
4. On Gratitude (Interlude)
5. Lessons From The OX
6. Steel Beach Pt. 2 / Crystal
7. Hatsumoude
8. On Solitude (Interlude)
9. Robe Of Honor
10. The Outer Sea / Dilla Reprise
11. Homilies Outro

You can stream and purchase the entire project in digital form on here:

And as usual, it's entirely written, produced and mixed by me!
The cover is by none other than the insular visual miracleworker Espe. If you like the covers that are featured on my projects, you should definitely take a look here:

And this is what it sounds like:

I will talk about the release in greater detail later, though the description in the stream/buy link tells a good part of the story quite succintly.
It's just that right now it's so important for everyone to just hear the record without too much talking and explaining!

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy my work, as I'm very proud of this album and I'm so happy to see it get a proper release after all of this time!

Keep up with me: !

Peace and love,


Panda Station Announcement!
Maw panda

New music coming very, very, VERY soon!

Second Homilies Of The Panda Tao! Full album! 29th! Release by !
Plus more new music to be announced, presented and released after that in collaboration with !
Then there's the Radio Bambu mix show which will start on my birthday in October!
And if I feel like it there will be a Deis EP!
And if I feel like it there will be something called Extra Lessons with lots of stuff on it!
And there most definitely WILL be something called the Hachio LP! Which will be really cool, it's going to have a super interesting structure!

But the Second Homilies album is top priority right now!

That's why I'm yelling!
Notice the exclamation marks!

I'm very proud of it!

I'll type more stuff when it comes out!

I'm also making the effort to post something every week!

And if I can get folks to do it there will be interviews with some of my favorites!

Trying to make it all happen!

I'll stop yelling now!

Gotta go!


I love y'all!


Radio Bambu Announcement(2014)
Maw panda

Radio Bambu is jazz.
Radio Bambu is rock.
Radio Bambu is soul.
Radio bambu is hot.
Radio Bambu is.
What regular radio is not.

Radio Bambu is asian.
Radio Bambu is wild.
Radio Bambu is african.
Radio Bambu got style.
Radio Bambu is western,
it goes the extra mile.

Radio Bambu got 8 acts.
That's how the show starts.
There will be more to come later.
To touch and warm y'alls hearts.

Radio Bambu goes everywhere.
Grabs from this and that.
Whoever can't dig at least one of the shows.
Walks around with shit in their hat.

Radio Bambu's only got one DJ.
He goes by the name of Maw-.
Some shows he plays joints in a panda suit.
The audience gasps in awe.

Radio Bambu will be free of charge.
The shows released one by one.
The panda dj hopes you will listen.
When the 23rd of October comes.


Maw- - Myria EP
Maw panda

Maw- - Myria EP

Stream the album for free on Bandcamp:
Download the album for free from here: !

1. Initiation
2. Theme For Myria / Theme For Deis
3. Passage 1
4. Myria Station(Ground Level)
5. Shrine Theme For Deis
6. Passage 2
7. Myria Station(Cloud Level)
8. Graduation

Produced, written, arranged, mixed, mastered and everything by the panda dub specialist Maw-
Cover art once again by the #1 visual chemist maestro Espe. Here's where you can see more of her work:

This album: in reference and in reverence to the negative and the positive.

Also: A musical shock from the No. 1 panda dub selector. And a warning, as is stated.
Watch out! The champion sound appears! Briefly!

Please support! How do you support? Just listen to the music and share it with everybody!

Peace and love to every creature in listening range and beyond!


Guest Mix for MyBohemia!
Maw panda
So this german eco fashion streetwear company approached me to make a guest dj mix for them. If you've at all followed and listened to my music you will love this. I'm playing rarities from the crates, every type of music I could fit in an hour's worth of programming. There's a few recent unreleased Maw- joints in there too!

Here you go:

Interview with Blueprint of Soul Position!
Maw panda
I recently got interviewed by the Rhymesayers veteran MC/producer Blueprint!
Y'all might know him best from his work with Rjd2 as the duo Soul Position.

You can read the pretty in-depth interview on here:
There's also a brand new track called Kakusei for y'all to check out at the very beginning of the interview. Enjoy!


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